Hello and welcome to my page!! My name is Rosie, I live in beautiful Anaheim Hills, California.  I decided to start a blog to keep a record of important sites I've found, share information with others, and just bring peace to this crazy mind of mine.
I have recently started a new lifestyle change and I'm excited to tell the world about it.  Going back to the Paleolithic era is a lot easier than it sounds, and I've never felt more grounded and closer to nature than I do now.  I have always had an issue with the way we live, and the politics that come along with it.  In a way, I felt like an outsider until I came across many blogs and podcasts with people that share the same insights.  I guess I just have that hippie mentality. ;)
I am full of theories, give me one topic and I will probably have some crazy theory associated with it.  Air conditioning for instance, is super toxic to us.  We sit in it for hours at a time both in our cars or in the work place.  Also, flourescent lights, they strain our eyes and I think can be linked to seizures.  Many people laugh at my explanations of things, but I bet some time down the road these things will be proven ;)
I love talking to people, exchange ideas and knowledge. Feel free to leave a comment and I'll be sure to respond.