Monday, January 31, 2011

Bacteria Vs. Humans: Fighting for Superiority

We are at an arms race with bacteria and disease.  There is a constant struggle between us and small microorganisms to take over the world. We vaccinate our babies, we have to cook and refridgerate our food because these tiny armies put up a fight.  There is a theory that the reason we procreate is to throw bacteria off the scent so our immune system can build with each life produced. Yea, strange but possible. These single-celled organisms got us beat in more ways than one.  They are everywhere. In the air, on every countertop, and crawling on every orphus of our body. G-ross! But we are dependent on some forms of bacteria, just as they are dependent on us.

While some bacteria is needed, here are some of the ways bacteria negatively affect our daily lives:

1. Can bring disease
2. Require us to take extra precautions such as anti-bacterial soap
3. Can live in harsh conditions such as Salmonella
4. Can affect water quality
5. Require us to throw away certain things after a period of time to avoid contamination
6. Can be life threatening to us
7. We have to invest tax dollars into vaccines and studies on certain strains
8. Wounds must be sanitized to prevent infection
9. We have to bathe frequently
10. Bacteria causes foul odor (i.e. bad breath, B.O.)
11. We waste food due to contamination

And the list goes on...

But as mentioned earlier, we have developed a symbiotic relationship with bacteria.   We are both after the same goal in life. To survive and thrive and we cannot do it without them. Maybe we are just a blown up, multi-celled example of what bacteria actually looks like.  Looking down on us, we truly do look like a bunch of bacteria.  The more we populate and the more we interact, the more bacteria multiplies.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I'm Excited About Volume 1

Every week I am going to try to post the top 5 things that I'm excited about.  Some may be informative and useful, others may be straight up guilty pleasure.  Hope I can instill a little excitement in some of you!  Enjoy!

1. Mac Makeup-Wonder Woman Edition

2. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-Reunion

3. Runyon Canyon Hike, Hollywood

4. Homemade Thai Gang ped Curry (Paleo!)

5. Regal Cinema Anaheim Hills $5 Tuesday
Any Movie Any Time!

Click Here for details! Also $2 popcorn Tuesdays! Take you and a date for only $12! 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Body is a Machine

We were meant to move. Every muscle in our body serves a purpose to get around, climb, swim, run, jump, anything! Unfortunately, we don't really do these movements anymore, including myself (desk job).  I am trying to get back into the swing of things and my muscles have been crying out each time with soreness.  People always say "I'm sore in muscles I never thought I had!!", and thats very true, never knew I had a muscle inside my armpit. 

The great thing about CrossFit that I am learning is that it is a shock to the system.  It is a very intense workout for a small amount of time.  Since I haven't worked out in a long time it has been a gradual rebuilding of endurance.  A lot of people disregard the need to exercise.  They figure, if you eat right and stay skinny there's no need to exercise.  If you are vanity driven, this is true. Some people don't even have to eat healthy to be skinny (I hate those people) but it truly isn't healthy we call it skinny fat :-p.  I really got to learn a lot by working at my last job- Private Fitness in Anaheim Hills.  There, I was just the front desk girl, but did I learn a lot! Working out is a lifestyle, it's a community and I've seen people's lives change drastically through exercise.  It is a wonderful thing.

Seeing the body at it's full capacity is what drives me the most.  What would I look like if I only ate what I was meant to eat and moved the way nature intended me to? Like a machine.  Girls with muscles are beautiful.  (FYI alternate weights with Yoga to lean out muscles if you don't want bulky muscles. Or do less weights with more reps as opposed to heavy weights less reps)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finding Yourself..

What does it mean to find one's self? I always took this concept lightly, until recently.  I was given a book from my uncle for my birthday called New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckart Tolle.

In it he states: "When you don't cover up the world with words or labels, a sense of miraculous returns to your life."

It's very true, we label everything with words and sounds. Sounds do not make up the true essence of something, even something so simple as a rock.  The being of a rock is so much more than just the word rock..have I lost you yet? In the book he uses the example of your name.  Does the sound of your name encompass everything that is you? Of course not. Does a rose by any other name still smell as sweet? Yes it does!:)

When I was younger, everything was so much simpler, I thought I understood what life had in store for me.  The older I get, the more responsibilities I have, the more the ego cries out and the more my past tries to define who I am.  I have finally been able to grasp that and acknowledge the cycle that is getting me nowhere.  By recognizing it, I have "sparked" the true purpose of life and am continuing to find out my true self. Even by eating cleaner, and exercising it has allowed me to see clearly into what we were meant for as humans.  We are meant to run, jump, swim, laugh, cry, and love.  Working 8 hours a day, sitting in air conditioning, piling our faces with makeup, microwaving food, gorging ourselves, popping pills, contaminating the earth is definitely not our purpose, but we are surrounded by it. We have lost what it means to be "human".

Anyways, I can't wait to continue reading this book.  It has seriously spiked so much curiosity and self discovery and I would recommend it to everyone. 

"No matter what you have or get, you won't be happy. You will always be looking for something else that promises greater fulfillment, that promises to make your incomplete sense of self complete and fill that sense of lack you feel within."

Eliminate want from the ego, and you can focus on your true purpose..

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Animals Don't Need Dental Work

Ok, here I go with one of my theories. Basically, why do animals survive without the need to visit the dentist every 6 months and they don't even brush or floss? I think the health of one's teeth is mainly based on diet.  As generations go on, we are in constant need of braces, wisdom teeth removal, crowns, fillings, root canals and the list goes on. Why? Why do we need all this when we are the only animal that seems to have so many teeth problems?

Firs of all, animals chew hard things which naturally keeps the teeth clean.  We have to cook and prepare our food to our palate's liking and thus don't get the "roughage" we need to get deeper in between the teeth.  One thing I have noticed since I started the Paleo diet is that my teeth and mouth have seemed substantially cleaner.  After a meal I used to have the taste linger in my mouth for hours but now, because I'm eating already "clean" foods my mouth goes back to normal right after my meal.  Also, I am consuming a lot more meat now, and that is helping me floss.  Sounds gross, but the tiny fat and protein really gets worked in between the hard to reach places.

I remember growing up I always brushed my teeth and didn't eat much candy but ALWAYS had cavities, yet my brother never brushed and had perfect, cavity-fee teeth. What is more apparent, health or genetics or both? Well, as I have grown I have successfully visited the dentist and have been cavity free! Feels amazing but makes me wonder if diet can really influence the health of your teeth that much.  Maybe we are living so long we are outliving our own teeth. Weird.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coconut Water ~ My New Favorite Drank!

Ok I have been a fan of coconut water WAY before all these new brand names came out on the market. I used to go to my favorite Thai restaurant (where my Thai Roma fans at??) and get the fresh young coconut and drink straight out of it. I feel like I'm on a tropical island vacay, and not only that but coconut water has some amazing health benefits!!

* Promotes Weight Loss
* Low Carb, Cal, and Sugar
* Boosts Immune System
* Boosts Circulation
* Detoxify and fights viruses
* Raises Metabolism
* Balances Ph and reduces risk of cancer
* Rehydrates and good for hangovers!
* Assists in Digestion
* Rich in Electrolytes
* Too many vitamins to name
* Coconut water has been known to clear skin
* Stops Fatigue

And the list goes on! I just recently bought a case of the Zico brand coconut water and I have been drinking at least one a day.  I can't wait to experiment with smoothies and stuff too!

You can purchase this brand online, or at Trader Joes and Henry's Market! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

True Food Kitchen~Newport Beach, CA

I ventured out to Fashion Island the other night and spotted a restaurant that I had to try.  True Food Kitchen. Their food philosophy is:

"At True Food Kitchen, we celebrate simplicity. We practice sustainability. We believe that simple, fresh, pure ingredients create the most memorable and satisfying meals. And while our healthy menu is packed with nutritious, good-for-you vegetables, whole grain and proteins, we never sacrifice flavor. You may not notice the difference. But it’s there."  -website

Their menu is based on Dr. Andrew Weil's anti-inflammatory food pyramid. Chronic inflammation is the cause of many serious illnesses, and by counteracting that with the correct foods, you can lower your risk. Below is his food pyramid.  Looks a lot different than the one we are used to.

The atmosphere was amazing.  Fire pits on the patio, friendly waiters, and the yummy scent of citrus coming from the beverage bar!  I had the Hangover Rx which was cucumber, coconut and mango. YUM!

I also ordered the Vegetable Crudites appetizer which was a giant bowl full of veggies from radishes to purple carrots! I think my body thanked me. :) They have everything for the vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and, of course, PALEO! I definitely suggest trying this place out if you are ever in the area.