Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Holy Jim Trail in Irvine, CA

Holy Jim hike is located near Irvine Lake right off the 241 Freeway.  It is an excellent hike complete with waterfalls and stunning views.  Depending on where you park the hike is close to 5 miles long and the weather is perfect right now.  It is mainly shaded so sunscreen isn't necessary.  Once you complete it you can grab a beer at Cook's Corner and chat away with all the OC bikers. It feels so good to walk after sitting down all week.  I truly got sore the next day after just walking, sad right? At least you know you are getting a good workout.  The air is so crisp and clean, my lungs took in all the fresh oxygen and I haven't felt better.

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  1. Good to know :-)
    Just let me know next time when you plan such a hike, I might be join you!