Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kava Kava and Belladonna

During my childhood I had a rough time with anxiety and had ulcers as a result.  When I was taken to the doctors I was given antibiotics for my ulcer and belladonna for my anxiety.  I generally am not a fan of any kind of medicine, being that natural or pharmaceutical but I tried them anyways.  Belladonna comes from a toxic plant and has been used for anything from motion sickness to menstrual cramps.  I only took it a couple of times and it did, indeed relax me, almost made me sleepy. I'm definitely not condoning it, but rather, being open-minded.
Another similar natural drug is Kava kava and has been used in the polynesian islands for centuries.  It is an alternative for being drunk, without the hangover.  It can be chewed, in pill form or even Kava Cola.  It is another drug that is good for anxiety and is meant to relax you.  Just like with all drugs, kava kava can have adverse effects and if overused it can lead to a puffy face and a scaly skin rash-yuck!  Everything in moderation folks!

Taboo as it can be, natural drugs come in many forms with multple effects.  They started with the purpose of healing or curing, and all the way up to mind-altering.  I always wonder, who was the first person to light up a plant or shove it up the nose? Regardless, in my opinion drugs are used as a way to escape.  Whether your life sucks, or you just want to see the world in a new way it is escapism at its finest.

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