Thursday, April 28, 2011

No Bread, No Dairy, No Sugar

It is officially one week until I leave for Louisville, Kentucky and I am on a strict diet, its called the Paleo Diet! Have you heard of it? Well, yea! I started this blog initially to document my Paleo journey and along the way have opened up many other topics that have interested me.  To be honest, I have found the diet difficult to stick to, only because my cravings turn me into an eating machine.  Mind over matter, I must tell myself.

To rejuvenate the diet and make it new and exciting I have been eating a lot of fish, crab and lobster.  I have always liked that stuff, but never knew how to prepare it.  I finally bought some snow crab and steamed it and used butter and lemon juice to enhance the flavor.  So yummy and suprisingly filling!

Of course I have been cooking bison regularly, I swear I think I am the only person that buys it from Ralph's.  It is so lean and good, I make it into meatballs and pour tomato sauce all over it.  Top it off with a giant salad and you've got yourself one hell of a protein, paleo meal. 

Generally my weekdays go like this: No breakfast, salad for lunch, and high protein dinner.  I don't think that skipping breakfast is bad.  You really think cavemen prepared breakfast first thing in the morning? They had to go out and hunt to get it.  I have trained myself to only be hungry enough for a salad around 11:30-12pm and then eat again at 5:30pm when I get off of work.  For a snack, I like to eat organic popcorn with just a dash of salt. 

It is amazing how good it feels to eat right, and when you exercise on top of that its almost like a daily transformation!


  1.'s 2am and i just got out of a bar in LA...I was hungry and had 4 asada tacos...amazingly it was done within a few minutes...not very paleo right now

  2. Since we're confessing, I had McDonalds on Sunday night! Ahhh so not good!