Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Things To Be Thankful For!

Ok, while I'm still prepping my Italy posts/pictures, I'd like to make just a short blog post about what I'm thankful for this holiday season.  I recently read a letter from my aunt, Luana who has been struggling with cancer for a while now.  It was an update on what her and my uncle have been up to and special moments that make her feel happy to be alive.  This moved me like no other, and truly made me realize how precious life is.  She talked about the joy she gets when the seasons change, the beauty of her garden, her recent trip to Catalina seeing smiles on everyone's faces for the Fall festival.  It was a look through the eyes of someone that is enjoying everything life has to offer with not one ounce of hopelessness or negativity.  It was incredible.

Sometimes I forget those little moments to stop and enjoy what surrounds me. Feeling the aliveness to my breath, the satisfaction of a good meal, laughing so hard I'm crying are moments I need to stop and be thankful for.  We all have our bad times, and sometimes life can kick us in the ass, but that's more reason to embrace the good in life. Even my aunt, who is struggling to live, is more positive than many people I know. 

I am thankful this year for my free-spirited family, my loyal friends, the amazing people I have recently met this past year who have all made me an extremely happy girl.  :) 

"My religion is to live and die without regret" - Milarepa, Buddhist Quote

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