Monday, May 16, 2011

Pleasure and Happiness

I have come to a spiritual crossroads.  I am asking those big questions now like "What does it mean to be happy?".  Buddha says that pleasure is not happiness because it is fleeting, and to seek a more meaningful peace within to allow yourself ultimate long lasting happiness. Epicurus said that the heart of happiness is through avoiding pain and gaining pleasure.  He did, however, state that pleasure isn't wealth or material things but things that were easily attainable, even something like a good dinner after being hungry.  He said to fill your life with moments of pleasure since that is ultimately what makes you happy.

Is the world so black and white or is it complicated? Sometimes the answers are easy, and it's me that makes them difficult.  What if the turmoil in my head is right and the way society makes me live is wrong?  Do we all want the same things?

So what is happiness? Well, it is a word to describe a feeling.  How do you get this feeling? Is it freedom? Reason? Painless existence? Peace within? Pleasure?

Questions, questions. :)


  1. I think happiness is when you feel everything is right in the world...whether it's the food that you're eating, the movie you're watching, or the person that you're with. No complications. Only thing is you can't feel real happiness until you know what pain is, as I'm sure everybody has had that. Big example: Any crossfit wod = pain, Finishing any crossfit wod = true happiness.

  2. The absence of pain is pleasure itself. Just knowing I'm alive another day and remembering to live in the present moment keeps me happy. :)

    And geeze I haven't been to crossfit in 2 weeks now, I'm slackkkiiiinnn.