Friday, March 11, 2011

Are We Animals or Are We Robots?

I think we are in the in-between stage. Our animal roots are mostly shunned, and masked by our societal rules and structure. In nature we are supposed to hunt and gather our own food, spend all hours outside, be constantly moving.  We should live the way nature had intended, with our own body types, our own faces, the natural way.

Through nature we can know our purpose.  Animals only live in the NOW, they aren't concerned with the past or future more so than what is happening right now.  They don't carry with them any burden of whether they will be successful, or anything that happened negatively in the past. We can learn from this.


We are no longer attached to nature.  We eat processed food, we stay indoors, and we have laws and rules to dictate our lives.  We also arise to an alarm, we drive machines, and exercise on machines.  We are timed, measured, governed.

However, we have made so many aspiring advances in philosophy, mathematics, medicine.  We can save lives, though beautiful, not natural.  It is a toss up to give up all of our modern technologies for the way we were truly born into this earth.

So what are we most like, ANIMAL OR MACHINE?

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