Tuesday, March 1, 2011

People LOVE to be sick!

Ok let me preface this by saying, there are a lot of people out there who truly are ill and have no control over it.  Interestingly enough, they are usually the ones who remain strong and empowered by the illness.  I am talking about people that are constantly sick with the flu or a cold and who love going to the hospital.  Yea, there are a lot of people like this.

Haven't you noticed all the hospitals popping up everywhere, it is a huge booming industry.  I went to the ER a week ago for a friend who had some crazy memory loss (another story) and what I found out was the ER took just as long as the regular hospital!! I thought I would see broken legs, blood, people fainting and hurled over.  None of that.  It was crowded with people that seemed to have either a cold or hypochonriasis.  This baffled me.  We shouldn't take advantage of emergency health care.  A real emergency is likely to have to wait longer due to people that get a thrill from going to the ER for something not so serious.

The healthcare industry is thriving on people that are sick all the time, and they encourage it! Instead of actually getting rid of the problem both physically and mentally they give people "feel good" pills and encourage them to come back for more.  When people are always sick I try to stay away from them, not because I think they are contagious but because they now define themselves through their illness and to me that is weak.  "How are you" takes on a whole new meaning when talk to them, it gives them an excuse to really indulge in their sicknes and every aspect of it.  We shouldn't be this sick all the time.  Like I said, sometimes there is nothing we can do and unfortuante cases people are sick and have a serious condition.  But for others who relish in it, I say go get healthy! Stop eating crap and run a little bit. If it kills you to get out of your chair and you feel the need to tell everyone about it, maybe you need to relieve your body of some excess weight and be strong again.  

When we lived in tribes we didn't have the ER, heck even people living out in the outskirts can't get to an ER for real emergencies.  With this said, we shouldn't take the ER for granted and only go for true emergencies so we don't clog it up for others.  I had to vent :) Happy Tuesday!

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