Friday, March 25, 2011

Bison is SO the new Beef!

A couple weekends ago I attended the Natural Foods Expo West at the Anaheim Convention Center.  I slapped on my Nike Free's and did the grueling 3 hour walk through all the booths.  In true Rosie fasion I was able to sneak in using a co-workers badge for free! 

As I walked through the different booths varying from coconut waters to hemp socks I found one handling out samples for bison jerky.  It was a native american family that passed down the recipe for generations.  They had a graph that showed how bison measures up to beef and other meats.  First off, the jerky was sooo good but it was the facts of it that got me intrigued.

I decided to get some from Ralphs, but boy is it pricey.  Makes sense, though, it was free-range no antibiotics and natural.  It fits perfect in the Paleo diet!

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