Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's The Journey Not The Destination..

So it has been almost two months since I started CrossFit at Canyon CrossFit in Anaheim Hills and I have been loving it! My goal was to attend 3x a week to start which has turned into only 2x a week in reality.  Even with 2x a week I am noticing a difference in my endurance and strength.  This workout will NEVER bore you! You will constantly be sore because you are using different muscles every workout and each one is way different.

The theory behind this way of exercising is to shock the system in short, but intense workouts. This goes hand in hand with my paleo diet.  When we were cavemen we didn't do long distance running, we usually walked long distance (I'm assuming) and when we hunted we did brief intense sprints and pushed the body to the limit.  That is exactly how CrossFit works you out.  This is my kind of workout because long cardio runs are not my thang.

To switch things up on my "off" days I have been going to SkyHigh Sports, hiking, and yoga at home.  I have been cheating on my diet lately so once I synch up the workouts with the diet I'll become Wonder Woman!! For the most part, my quest to balance body, mind and soul has been going well.  The enemy, however is my thirst for alcohol which deters my whole goal.  Just got to tell myself that cavemen didn't have cactus cooler shots. If they did that would be awesome though. ;)

Now that the body is taken care of, I can focus on mind and soul.  To do this, I have been reading, planning trips and finding my true self and purpose.  Everyday I feel one step closer to why I am here on earth.  Pretty deep, right?   I think everyone deserves to be their best self.  My next post will be dedicated to what I've learned to fuel the mind through the book A New Earth.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."
                                                                                                       -Albert Einstein

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