Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let's Talk About Stress, Baby! Let's Talk Aboout You And Me!

We all experience it.  STRESS.  We experience it through work, financial situations, family issues and sometimes we are stressed all day.  This is different compared to what "stress" meant to us while we were cavemen. 

Regardless, stress creates such an impact on my physical body that when I get home after a stressful day, my energy levels are extremely low and all I want to do is sleep.  In very simple fundamental terms, stress creates a fight or flight response in our bodies.  This is mostly remnats of when we were running from predators and trying to survive.  Having this reaction all day can certainly wear you out.  When we don't have the option to fight OR run this adrenaline gets built up with no where to go.  Sometimes people supress this, and it comes out in other ways.  Personally when I get stressed I hold it in until I get home then am in a bad mood to everyone around me.  Not good.  This is hard to control.  Even when I tell myself that it is just due to stress, the toxicity keeps overriding my mental state. 

It is hard to wrap your head around, but by getting stressed and upset, you can only blame yourself.  If someone is yelling at you for all the mistakes that are happening you are bound to get a little emotional and riled up.  This is only your fault.  You create your own mental perception.  You are the only one that can control your mental state.  It is gift that some people have mastered.  Going through stressful situations has only taught me that life is short, I'm still alive and there are far worse things going on in the world.  Why would I allow anyone or anything to get in the way of a peaceful mind.  From now on, I'm not allowing it. 

We can not live our lives allowing stress to seep in and take control.  We are wired to take on so much that stress is bound to pop in and out, but through handling it correctly we can go through life clear-headed no matter what situation.  Sometimes you have to realize there are things that cannot be changed, we have to accept it.  Even the worst thing that has or will happen in your life, you must accept.  That is the start to a peaceful way of living. 

If it is too overwhelming, take a day off work.  It is better to come back refreshed and rested than to keep dragging with you every negative moment in the past.  Don't be brainwashed to think you have to follow every rule.  "Exercise rebellion" sometimes, take charge of your life.  When you are old and gray you WILL regret not spending more time having fun, being with family because I'm sure you already do. 

Just a subtle reminder to myself and others that LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO BE STRESSED. :)

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  1. I just wish we can all remember this daily rather than having to come across it on a blog. I appreciate the reminder though.