Monday, January 31, 2011

Bacteria Vs. Humans: Fighting for Superiority

We are at an arms race with bacteria and disease.  There is a constant struggle between us and small microorganisms to take over the world. We vaccinate our babies, we have to cook and refridgerate our food because these tiny armies put up a fight.  There is a theory that the reason we procreate is to throw bacteria off the scent so our immune system can build with each life produced. Yea, strange but possible. These single-celled organisms got us beat in more ways than one.  They are everywhere. In the air, on every countertop, and crawling on every orphus of our body. G-ross! But we are dependent on some forms of bacteria, just as they are dependent on us.

While some bacteria is needed, here are some of the ways bacteria negatively affect our daily lives:

1. Can bring disease
2. Require us to take extra precautions such as anti-bacterial soap
3. Can live in harsh conditions such as Salmonella
4. Can affect water quality
5. Require us to throw away certain things after a period of time to avoid contamination
6. Can be life threatening to us
7. We have to invest tax dollars into vaccines and studies on certain strains
8. Wounds must be sanitized to prevent infection
9. We have to bathe frequently
10. Bacteria causes foul odor (i.e. bad breath, B.O.)
11. We waste food due to contamination

And the list goes on...

But as mentioned earlier, we have developed a symbiotic relationship with bacteria.   We are both after the same goal in life. To survive and thrive and we cannot do it without them. Maybe we are just a blown up, multi-celled example of what bacteria actually looks like.  Looking down on us, we truly do look like a bunch of bacteria.  The more we populate and the more we interact, the more bacteria multiplies.

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