Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Body is a Machine

We were meant to move. Every muscle in our body serves a purpose to get around, climb, swim, run, jump, anything! Unfortunately, we don't really do these movements anymore, including myself (desk job).  I am trying to get back into the swing of things and my muscles have been crying out each time with soreness.  People always say "I'm sore in muscles I never thought I had!!", and thats very true, never knew I had a muscle inside my armpit. 

The great thing about CrossFit that I am learning is that it is a shock to the system.  It is a very intense workout for a small amount of time.  Since I haven't worked out in a long time it has been a gradual rebuilding of endurance.  A lot of people disregard the need to exercise.  They figure, if you eat right and stay skinny there's no need to exercise.  If you are vanity driven, this is true. Some people don't even have to eat healthy to be skinny (I hate those people) but it truly isn't healthy we call it skinny fat :-p.  I really got to learn a lot by working at my last job- Private Fitness in Anaheim Hills.  There, I was just the front desk girl, but did I learn a lot! Working out is a lifestyle, it's a community and I've seen people's lives change drastically through exercise.  It is a wonderful thing.

Seeing the body at it's full capacity is what drives me the most.  What would I look like if I only ate what I was meant to eat and moved the way nature intended me to? Like a machine.  Girls with muscles are beautiful.  (FYI alternate weights with Yoga to lean out muscles if you don't want bulky muscles. Or do less weights with more reps as opposed to heavy weights less reps)

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