Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coconut Water ~ My New Favorite Drank!

Ok I have been a fan of coconut water WAY before all these new brand names came out on the market. I used to go to my favorite Thai restaurant (where my Thai Roma fans at??) and get the fresh young coconut and drink straight out of it. I feel like I'm on a tropical island vacay, and not only that but coconut water has some amazing health benefits!!

* Promotes Weight Loss
* Low Carb, Cal, and Sugar
* Boosts Immune System
* Boosts Circulation
* Detoxify and fights viruses
* Raises Metabolism
* Balances Ph and reduces risk of cancer
* Rehydrates and good for hangovers!
* Assists in Digestion
* Rich in Electrolytes
* Too many vitamins to name
* Coconut water has been known to clear skin
* Stops Fatigue

And the list goes on! I just recently bought a case of the Zico brand coconut water and I have been drinking at least one a day.  I can't wait to experiment with smoothies and stuff too!

You can purchase this brand online, or at Trader Joes and Henry's Market! :)

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  1. The funny thing as I read this is that I am drinking coconut juice. It's not coconut water but on an impulse to try new things, I bought it on my way back to my room this morning. A little less healthy than what you described above, I believe it has sugar added (and little chunks of coconut floating around in it), and it has an interesting after taste. The best part: the brand is "American Green," it's a product of Thailand, and half the label is in Arabic.