Friday, December 17, 2010

Doctor Visit

Last night was a super fun girls night out but I was graced by an unpleasant surprise when I woke up.  I was hung over, yes but thats not the surprising part.  I couldn't see out of my left eye and it burned, itched and was super teary!! I rinsed it with water, but to no avail it killed! I went to work, one-eyed and started to scare the clients.  Everyone thought I had pink eye (and we all know how we get that).  I had a good night last night but not that crazy.  I mean, I didn't wash off my makeup from the night before so that could be the culprit (rookie mistake). My co-worker looked up into my eyelid and saw a couple bumps and said I should go to the doctor. So off I went!

Disclaimer- not my eye

First of all, doctors scare me but I managed to find one that was cute, super nice, and fast! He gets straight to the point with everything so I'm in and out.  So I get there and he looks into my eye says it's probably a stye, gives me some drops and I'm out the door.  So now I get to stay home on this rainy Friday, watch I Love Lucy and relax.

When I went to the doctors today I weighed 123 lbs which is a change from last time when I was 127 lbs, so Paleo really does cause weight loss and fast! I was also wearing a jacket and scarf so I probably weigh even less. Now I just need to gain some muscle.  Have my first Crossfit training next Monday, yikes!

During my one-eyed blunder I started thinking about Doctors and how corrupt our medical industry is.  Me and my theories, right?  Well my doctor is awesome and he never pushes medications on me and usually goes for a more holistic approach which is right up my alley.  Other doctors, however, are so cruel to just force pills on people to make a profit on it later.  Our society is so accustomed to taking a pill for every ailment that it has become a billion dollar industry.  People are not educated on the fact that there are natural remedies for most issues.  I heard that the majority of headaches are caused from dehydration, so we take a pill for it instead of drinking more water!!  I try to avoid any pills, even advil or tylenol.  Our bodies need to boost their natural immune systems so that getting sick happens less in the future.

I also realized that some people LOVE going to the doctors for everything! Like, do people really go to the doctor's for the common cold still? They will just tell you what you already know. Get rest, take Dayquil, blah blah blah. Oh crazy I've never heard of that method. You know your body better than any doctor.  To put it in perspective, if you were in the wild and you had an ailment what would you do? Most things you can cure yourself with natural products.

I also have to introduce everyone to the cure all end all APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! Just look at the long list of everything it helps get rid of.  It's amazing! And you can pick it up at Henry's market. :) Supposedly you can drink it too!


  1. Apple cider vinegar is amazing stuff, dangerous too. That list mentioned wart removal and I tried to remove what I thought was a wart (new mole) last year with soaked gauze overnight, like a site with a list similar to the link you posted suggested, and woke to very painful blistered skin around the mole. Caution recommended. Also another cure for headaches/migraines is eating tuna on a regular basis because of the omega fatty acids and B vitamins it contains, but don't eat it too often because of the mercury it also has. I don't like taking tylenol or advil either

  2. Wow, great info! The vinegar is very strong, almost like an acid, so yea definitely make sure what you have before you use it. Sounds painful! Definitely going to try tuna, I didn't used to like it before but now with such a limited diet I think I'm gonna try it again. :)