Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let's have a Paleo Christmas!

Ok so a lot of you have been wondering why I've decided to do the Paleo diet. Is it because I want to lose weight?? Well, the answer is NO, it's more of a lifestyle change,a more healthier approach to food.  Here I will answer a lot of questions I've been asked since I began this journey.  It has been 25 days (started the day after Thanksgiving) and I'm determined to make it through Christmas without totally cheating.  So here we go...

What is Paleo/Caveman diet?

This diet consists of ingredients only found during the Paleolthic era. This was a time when our ancestors were cavedwelling, hunting, and foraging.  This can consist of meats, eggs, shellfish, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts.  What to exclude from the diet is bread, grains, wheat, milk, cheese, and processed foods of any kind.  It seems very limiting, but there are still a ton of dishes you can create to keep it fresh and exciting each time.  There are many websites dedicated to Paleo Recipes as seen here.

Why do the Paleo diet?

Honestly, before I even researched the diet itsef I was always curious on how my body would look without complex carbs.  It is really interesting that we need to take a step back, oh a couple million years ago to make a step forward.  From the span of our existence only a tiny fraction of it have we been digesting bread and milk (past nursing), we may not notice all the ramifications now but articles are slowly coming out of the woodworks proving this theory.  Below are my own theories, some proven some not about the diet but here is my take on the benefits that I have noticed.

-Weight loss
-Cleaner teeth and breath
-More energy
-Better sleep
-Clearer skin
-Better immune system (have not gotten sick even when it was going around at the office)
-Memory seems to be improving
-No calorie counting or portion control

I feel like I add something new each week! :)

Cave boys and girls only lived until about 35, so why eat like them?

First and foremost, we were hunted during this time.  We had natural enemies that saw us a prey.  We didn't have the luxuries we have now, we were barely making tools and using them.  Also, with the invention of penicillin and other life saving remedies we have been able to live longer and longer.  It can be said that our diet now is actually starting to reverse our life span, as heart disease is causing the most deaths on record.  Heart disease is caused by many factors but mostly hight blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.  All these things are linked to a poor diet! If our ancestors survived and lasted millions of years on this diet, it can only be a positive change you can make too.

Isn't it hard to do? And expensive?

It is definitely hard to start and commit to, but see it as a commitment to yourself.  Prove yourself wrong.  Feel guilty anytime you reach for a piece of chocolate or bagel.  It IS ok to cheat once and while to prevent you from binging, but try your best to stay good to the diet.

This diet is expensive, and it is sad that it is.  I can go to a drive through and fill up on dollar menu items for less than a perfectly cooked salmon and roasted red peppers.  No wonder why our nation is becoming so unhealthy. 

 Try it for a week or even a day an see how you feel. Let me know your progress, it feels good to have someone keep you accountable. After a week, you may feel a little irritable or sluggish and this is normal, it is your bodies way of adjusting and cleanising itself to the new intake of food. 

Any questions please feel free to leave a comment!
Thanks for listening!

Below is a good Paleo Shopping List:

Ground beef (lean and organic)
Alaskan salmon
Chicken breast

Green, Red, Orange Bell Peppers

Young Coconut- good for post workout drink!

Sunflower Seeds

Bon Apetite!

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