Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ok so as some of you may know I started the Paleo or Caveman diet two weeks ago.  So far it has changed my life, both physically and mentally.  I have felt so much better and learned about all the corruption that goes into our food supply.  Companies like Monsanto, who have a monopoly on genetically modified seeds bully small farmers out of jobs and their livelihood.  Vanity Fair posted an article regarding the many evils that Monsanto is associated with.  The only way we can protest this business is by not buying their products.  They legally patented a seed, which is a living organism, how do we allow this??

I also suggest to everyone to rent Food, Inc.  it is such an eye opener to what we put into our bodies everyday! This is what I took from the film:
1. Find lean, organic meats that are grass fed and cruelty free!
2. Buy organic produce locally in your own state and possibly your own town at local farmers markets.
3. Just like every vote counts in an election, every food purchase counts, too. Where you buy it and what you buy says a lot about what people want and who is going to make it into a big business either ethically or not.

Basically, most of what I've learned the past month is common sense, but it took a lot to open my eyes to it.  I started the Paleo diet to see how my body would react without bread, cheese, milk and starch.  Our bodies were not meant for these things!! We take so much energy to digest grains that it causes premature aging and a puffy, gross feeling.  I can honestly say I'm glad I made this lifestyle change sooner than later and I want to tell the world about it! I even got my co-worker slowly coming around to it. :)

Let's get back to our caveman roots and go out in the sun (without sunscreen! gasp!), walk barefoot, and hunt down organic meats and pick some beautifully colored veggies! Trust me, I was RAISED on T-bell, McDonalds, Carl's and El Pollo Loco, if I can change that diet in two weeks anyone can! :)

Below is a Paleo shopping cart. :) Yes, that is Margarita Salt, ok not very healthy but a girl needs to drink!


  1. What would be a good site to get more information on this diet/lifestyle change? What local stores offer organic meats? Any way you could tell the government to send these types of food to Afghanistan?

  2. You can also check out the kind diet book its awesome :) follows the the same philosophy as caveman but bumps it up to leaving meat out and eating tons of other stuff to substitute protein.

  3. Thanks Diana! I will check that out. :)

    Rick- I listen to Paleo Podcasts when I'm working out. There is one called This Week In Paleo that is really good. You can actually find organic meats at any grocery store but you have to look. Places like Henry's, Mother's, and Trader Joes carry a lot more.

    This website really inspired me to change. it's straight forward and easy to follow. :)

  4. So great Rosie!! Can't wait to get on this after the baby comes! :-) My Mom is agro about Monsanto, she gets so fired up about the politics of our food and our health in this country... crazy stuff!

  5. I have greatly cutback on eating starchy stuff like rice. As far as local stores, my favorite places to get produce are from Whole Foods, Sprouts and many of the ethnic groceries.

  6. Thanks for the info, I already keep a lot of stuff off of my plate out here, as a strict diet is required for my fitness goals. It helps that the milk, in our dining facilities tastes awful, but my training partner is convinced he needs to drink it.