Monday, December 20, 2010

Prada, Gucci, CHANEL

'Tis the season to be shopping amongst the crowds, almost in tears finding parking and cringing at your receipts of your recent purchases. It is all worth it though because usually you manage to find something for YOURSELF. :)

First let me start by saying I went to Best Buy over the weekend and just looked around at a store filled with BS.  Granted, I do own an iPod shuffle from like 4 years ago that still works perfectly fine and an iBook that I got back in '04 that is still true to me but really people?!? There are gadgets on gadgets in here that are just ridiculous.  Each company has to come out with the "new and improved" version so you feel that your edition is so "last year" and you pony up your savings just to stay in the loop.  My philosophy is if it's not making me money, I'm not spending money on it. 

I almost got sucked in to thinking I needed speakers for my laptop when the ones I have are perfectly fine!! Oh and how about Dr. Dre's "beats" headphones oh, just a cool $100! Call me simple and plain but all I need is music in my ears occassionally and a semi decent laptop to surf the web and store photos and whatnot.  Other than that these items are overpriced pieces of crap that the companies brainwash to make you think you need.  Ok, so I vented and I'm done. :)

Anyways, this is the season of GIVING so I decided to GIVE myself the gift of Crossfit.  It was a pricey investment towards my health and Paleo goals but I truly see it being worth it.  I have my first appointment today and I can already tell I will be sore since just walking up my stairs already kills me. It really goes hand in hand with the Paleo/Primal diet because it is based on functional workouts like pushups, pull ups, cattle bells, etc. So basically if you were in the wild, would you body be able to keep up. I love that.

I will leave you now with some work out motivation (for all the ladies) :) Men, too I guess. Ha ;)

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  1. Don't get me started on the "beats by dre" anything, it's all garbage. I have a pricey set of headphones(ultrasone dj1 pro) that are way better an worth the money lol. If you want some more motivation I recommend stopping by's bodyspace. You can track your progress, upload before, during, and after photos, and check out everyone else. It's what I do at work other than refreshing facebook 1000 times.