Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rosine's Rotisserie & Grandma's Hairdo

5 o'clock could not come soon enough! I was so excited to write in my very own sophistimicated blog!

I had a pleasant surprise today, I got to go out to lunch with my dad, aunt, uncle & grandma.  We went to this fabulous mediterranean restaurant called Rosine's and not only did I manage to stay Paleo but I made a full on speech at lunch on why everyone should do it too (inappropriate speeches are my thang).  Here is what I got:

Quarter Chicken- leg and thigh
Babaganoush- eggplant dip
Tabbuleh- parsely tomato, garlic salad

I went on to say that eating carbs causes premature aging where my grandma replied: "Well I better stop now!" She's a doll.

After lunch I took everyone to visit where I work and introduced them all to my "work family".  Everyone LOVED my grandma, and I mean were obsessing over her.  She is the cutest, typical grandma with her red christmas sweater,  ornament earrings and her white curly up-do.  She is also really small, and impeccable.  I mean at 88 or whatever her nails are done, her hair is did and she is rocking the bling.  Oh and did I mention her name is Betty. Grandma Betty, ha.  I love her so much!

Oh, and today I was bad and had a cookie that I could not turn down! Other than that I snacked on grapes, sunflower seeds (unsalted), and almonds.

Here's a precious picture of my grandma and little nephew Declan.


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