Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ethos, Logos, Pathos

The 3 key aspects in writing to capture an audience.  Ethos, which is establishing credibiliy, tries to convice the reader of the validity of the author.  Logos, is using logic and facts to persuade the reader.  The most important of them all (in my opinion), Pathos, utilizes the readers emotions to provoke a response. 

Anyone can be a writer, we can all observe our surroundings and put it into words.  It is the writer that can put those words so beautifully, that it leaves us wanting more.  It is very difficult to capture the essence of a feeling, or object and really good writers can do that.  Sometimes language choice isn't enough to describe a feeling, and words can't do it justice.  Sometimes (shock!) I'm left speachless.

Even a person's name doesn't encompass who they are.  No amount of words can do it.  It kinda leaves me feeling hopeless and empty knowing that language can't fully express who I am.  It is only when I close my eyes and just feel.  Not using any senses at all.  That is truly where a person lies.  In silence.


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