Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life's Workout, Exercising Rebellion

There comes a time in everyone's life where they feel the need to break routine and do something out of character, something bad.  I feel like 90% of what we do is a direct outcome of how society wants us to act.  Let's break it down.  We wake up to an alarm so that we can get to work on time, we must act in a professional manner, dress appropriately, etc.  Rebellion is a refusal of obedience or order. 
We can't take off all our clothes and run screaming through the halls, that's just not acceptable.  I wish I could witness that one day though.

One of my favorite documentaries of all time is Man on Wire, a story about a french man, Philippe Petit who has a crazy obsession with walking a tight rope across sky rise buildings.  Him and his crew swindled their way into the World Trade Center for the rush of a lifetime and managed to wow the crowd below for walking across the two towers with no protection at all.

"To me, it's really so simple, that life should be lived on the edge. You have to exercise rebellion. To refuse to tape yourself to the rules, to refuse your own success, to refuse to repeat yourself, to see every day, every year, every idea as a true challenge. Then you will live your life on the tightrope."

I feel like if there is any time in my life to be rebellious it is now.  I love the feeling of doing something out of the ordinary, nothing holding me back, all inhibition out the window.  It is truly liberating.  Heck, why be rebellious only when you're young? Anyone can exercise it anytime.  If we don't, we can't forge ahead creatively through life.  As long as we don't hurt others in the process, I feel like rebellion is a good thing. 

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