Thursday, June 23, 2011

No Sleep, No Eat, Makes Rosie a Cranky Girl

So along with my sleep deprivation I am having a very strange loss of appetite lately.  I thought it was coming back but everyday I look back to what I ate and it would just be one meal. :/ I guess we can consider this "fasting" and I am fitting in my skinny jeans nicely but it is a little out of control.  I find myself forcing food into my mouth when I have no desire for it.  This can't be healthy.

Grief, depression, and stress are the major factors that can attribute to loss of appetite. The thing is, I don't feel too stressed anymore.  Maybe this is just the aftermath of a traumatic couple weeks.  I just hope I can enjoy food again! To make matters worse, my insomnia hasn't subsided so I feel like a waify, cracked out LA chick at the moment. 

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  1. I won't strongly advise this but sometimes taking sleeping pills at very low dosages will do the trick to get you back on a good sleeping pattern. The only bad thing is you might love sleeping so much that you start to take it too often. I hope you won't have to go that way.